Bird Watching at Martinique Beach Provincial Park


It is another magnificent sunny day here at Martinique Beach, Nova Scotia, Canada.

I was checking out for ideas for this blog and was shocked when I realized that Martinique Beach was not featured on their best beach destinations for the whole world in 2019. Jokes aside, Martinique Beach is truly a marvel when it comes to having some R’n’R ocean side.

Martinique is so long and sandy that even on a perfect beach day like today there are barely any people. You can go pick a spot, lay down, and enjoy the privacy nature offers.

Martinique Beach not only offers sun bathers, surfers, and nature enthusiasts a world class spot to practice their craft but it’s also a system of sand dunes that buffers for the Musquodoboit Harbour Game Sanctuary. Established in 1961 the sanctuary is a wintering and staging area for many species of waterfowl especially Canadian Geese and Black Ducks. The Musquodoboit Harbour outer estuary covers close to 2000 hectares and the sanctuary, consisting of wetlands, bogs, forest, ponds, and brush, is over 500 hectares. Naturally the sand dunes of Martinique provide a phenomenal starting point for bird watching. Thanks to the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources for these juicy tidbits. Martinique Beach is a hot jump off point for eco-tourism adventures of all kinds.


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